Funding Info

Get account funding info

  0, //CHAN_ID
  "fiu", //MSG_TYPE
    "sym", //UPDATE_TYPE
    "fUSD",  //SYMBOL
      0.0008595462068208099, //YIELD_LOAN
      0, //YIELD_LEND
      1.8444560185185186, //DURATION_LOAN

Funding info update data

[0]CHAN_IDIntIdentification number assigned to the channel for the duration of this connection.
[1]MSG_TYPEString'fiu' (funding info update)
[2]UPDATE_ARRAYArrayFunding info 'sym' update

Update array data (Index [2])

[0]UPDATE_TYPEStringSpecifies the type of the update: 'sym'
[1]SYMBOLStringSymbol related to the update
[2]FUNDING_INFO_UPDATE_ARRAYArrayFunding info update array

Funding info update array (Index [2][2]

[0]YIELD_LOANfloatWeighted average rate for taken funding
[1]YIELD_LENDfloatWeighted average rate for provided funding
[2]DURATION_LOANfloatWeighted average duration for taken funding
[3]DURATION_LENDfloatWeighted average duration for provided funding



These messages have gained the ability to send the calculation values equal to "null" meaning that the new calculated value is not yet available.
In order to receive those values the user have to actively request for it with a "calc" message.
See calc input dedicated section for more details.