Positions Snapshot

Returns position snapshots of user positions between the specified start and end perimiters. Snapshots are taken daily.

Response data

[0...n]POSITION_SNAPSHOT_ARRAYPosition snapshot arrayEach index contains one of the n` current user's position snapshot entries

Position snapshot entry arrays (index [0...n])

Index Field Type Description
[0] SYMBOL string Pair (tBTCUSD, …).
[1] STATUS string Status (ACTIVE, CLOSED).
[2] AMOUNT float Size of the position. A positive value indicates a long position; a negative value indicates a short position.
[3] BASE_PRICE float Base price of the position. (Average traded price of the previous orders of the position)
[4] FUNDING float Funding amount
[5] FUNDING_TYPE int 0 for daily, 1 for term.
[ . . . ]
[11] POSITION_ID int Position identifier
[12] MTS_CREATE int Timestamp of creation (millis)
[13] MTS_UPDATE int Timestamp of last update (millis)
[ . . . ]

Ratelimit: 90 req/min