Complete Invoice

Manually complete an invoice

Response Fields

IDstringUnique invoice identifier
TintTimestamp when invoice is created
DURATIONintInvoice expire time in seconds
AMOUNTfloatInvoice amount in currency
CURRENCYstringInvoice currency
ORDER_IDstringReference order identifier in merchant's platform
PAY_CURRENCIESarray of stringsCurrencies in which invoice accepts the payments
WEBHOOKstringOptional, the endpoint that will be called once the payment is completed/expired
REDIRECT_URLstringOptional, merchant redirect URL, this one is used in UI to redirect customer to merchant's site once the payment is completed/expired
STATUSstringPayment status, should be one of: CREATED, PENDING, COMPLETED, EXPIRED
CUSTOMER_INFOobjectInformation related to customer against who the invoice is issued
CUSTOMER_NATIONALITYstringCustomer's nationality, alpha2 code format
CUSTOMER_RESID_COUNTRYstringCustomer's residential country, alpha2 code format
CUSTOMER_RESID_STATEstringOptional, customer's residential state/province
CUSTOMER_RESID_CITYstringCustomer's residential city/town
CUSTOMER_RESID_ZIPstringCustomer's residential zip code/postal code
CUSTOMER_RESID_STREETstringCustomer's residential street address
CUSTOMER_RESID_NOstringOptional, customer's residential building number/name
CUSTOMER_FULLNAMEstringCustomer's full name
CUSTOMER_EMAILstringCustomer's email address
CUSTOMER_TOS_ACCEPTEDbooleanFlag that specified whenever the customer has accepted terms of service
INVOICESarray of objectsPayment details for each payable currency
INVOICES_AMOUNTfloatAmount in specific payable currency
INVOICES_PAY_CCYstringPayment currency
INVOICES_POOL_CCYstringUnderlying technology used by payment currency
INVOICES_ADDRESSstringDeposit/Payment address
INVOICES_EXTobjectOptional, additional data related to payment
PAYMENTobjectOptional, payment related info
PAYMENT_TXIDstringPayment transaction hash
PAYMENT_AMOUNTfloatPaid amount in payment currency
PAYMENT_CCYstringPayment currency
PAYMENT_METHODstringMethod of deposit. For an up-to-date mapping of methods and their respective currencies see: [[[METHOD,[CURRENCY]]...]]
PAYMENT_CONFIRMATIONSintDeposit confirmation count
PAYMENT_CREATEDstringTime when the deposit was created (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format)
PAYMENT_UPDATEDstringTime when the deposit was last updated (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format)
PAYMENT_DEPOSIT_IDintOptional, deposit id linked to the payment, present when payment is done through wallet deposit
PAYMENT_LEDGER_IDintOptional, ledger entry linked to the payment, present when payment is realized through "Instant Payment"
PAYMENT_FORCE_COMPLETEDbooleanOptional, flag indicating that invoice is manually marked as completed
PAYMENT_AMOUNT_DIFFstringOptional, paid amount difference from deposited amount and expected amount in invoice

Ratelimit: 90 req/min