Balance Info

The Balance Info channel provides data on the total and net assets in your account.

Subscribe to the account information channel to keep track of your account balance. The account information channel will provide a feed of your balance for as long as the channel remains open. Any authenticated connection is automatically subscribed to the account information channel.

Example code to open an authenticated connection can be found on our Authenticated Channels Page.

Balance events are sent with CHAN_ID = 0 and can be identified by looking at the TYPE stream field. Balance update events can be recognised by the 'bu' (balance update) abbreviation.

  0, //CHAN_ID
  "bu", //MSG_TYPE
    4131.85, //AUM
    4131.85 //AUM_NET

Balance info update data

[0]CHAN_IDIntIdentification number assigned to the channel for the duration of this connection.
[1]MSG_TYPEString'bu' (balance update)
[2]BALANCE_UPDATE_ARRAYArrayBalance update array

Balance update array (Index 2)

[0]AUMfloatTotal Assets Under Management
[1]AUM_NETfloatNet Assets Under Management (total assets - total liabilities)