Movement info

Detailed information about the deposit/withdrawal


IDStringMovement identifier
CURRENCYStringThe symbol of the currency (ex. "BTC")
CURRENCY_METHODStringThe extended name of the currency (ex. "BITCOIN") or WIRE for fiat
REMARKStringRemarks related to movement
MTS_STARTEDDateMovement started at
MTS_UPDATEDDateMovement last updated at
STATUSStringCurrent status
AMOUNTStringAmount of funds moved (positive for deposits, negative for withdrawals)
FEESStringTx Fees applied
DESTINATION_ADDRESSStringDestination address
MEMOStringMemo/Tag related to transaction
TRANSACTION_IDStringTransaction identifier
MOVEMENT_NOTEStringOptional personal transaction note
BANK_FEESStringWire bank fees
BANK_ROUTER_IDStringIdentifier of bank router
EXTERNAL_BANK_MOV_IDStringExternal provider movement id
EXTERNAL_BANK_MOV_STATUSStringExternal provider movement status
EXTERNAL_BANK_MOV_DESCRIPTIONStringExternal provider movement info
EXTERNAL_BANK_ACC_INFOObjectExternal provider bank account information for user

Ratelimit: 90 req/min