Endpoint to retrieve liquidations. By default it will retrieve the most recent liquidations, but time-specific data can be retrieved using timestamps.

Stream Fields

POS_IDintPosition id
MTSintMillisecond timestamp
SYMBOLstringPair (e.g. tBTCUSD, …)
±AMOUNTfloatSize of the position. Positive values means a long position, negative values means a short position.
BASE_PRICEfloatThe price at which user entered the position
IS_MATCHint0 -> initial liquidation trigger, 1 market execution
IS_MARKET_SOLDint0 -> position acquired by the system, 1 -> direct sell into the market
PRICE_ACQUIREDfloatThe price at which the position has been acquired

Ratelimit: 3 req/min

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