Invoice List (Paginated)

Returns a list with the invoices and its related status and data

Response Fields

PAGEintCurrent page
PAGE_SIZEintPage size
SORTstringSorting order of result
TOTAL_PAGESintTotal number of pages
TOTAL_ITEMSintTotal number of invoices
IDstringUnique invoice identifier
TintTimestamp when invoice is created
TYPEstringInvoice type, currently supported ECOMMERCE and POS
DURATIONintInvoice expire time in seconds
AMOUNTfloatInvoice amount in currency
CURRENCYstringInvoice currency
ORDER_IDstringReference order identifier in merchant's platform
PAY_CURRENCIESarray of stringsCurrencies in which invoice accepts the payments
WEBHOOKstringOptional, the endpoint that will be called once the payment is completed/expired
REDIRECT_URLstringOptional, merchant redirect URL, this one is used in UI to redirect customer to merchant's site once the payment is completed/expired
STATUSstringPayment status, should be one of: CREATED, PENDING, COMPLETED, EXPIRED
CUSTOMER_INFOobjectInformation related to customer against who the invoice is issued, it's NULL when type is POS
CUSTOMER_TYPEstringCustomer type, either INDIVIDUAL or BUSINESS
CUSTOMER_NATIONALITYstringCustomer's nationality, alpha2 code format
CUSTOMER_RESID_COUNTRYstringCustomer's residential country, alpha2 code format
CUSTOMER_RESID_STATEstringOptional, customer's residential state/province
CUSTOMER_RESID_CITYstringCustomer's residential city/town
CUSTOMER_RESID_ZIPstringCustomer's residential zip code/postal code
CUSTOMER_RESID_STREETstringCustomer's residential street address
CUSTOMER_RESID_NOstringOptional, customer's residential building number/name
CUSTOMER_FULLNAMEstringCustomer's full name
CUSTOMER_EMAILstringCustomer's email address
CUSTOMER_TOS_ACCEPTEDbooleanFlag that specified whenever the customer has accepted terms of service
INVOICESarray of objectsPayment details for each payable currency
INVOICES_AMOUNTfloatAmount in specific payable currency
INVOICES_BFXPAY_CCYstringBitfinex pay currency that corresponds to list of PAY_CURRENCIES
INVOICES_PAY_CCYstringPayment currency
INVOICES_POOL_CCYstringUnderlying technology used by payment currency
INVOICES_ADDRESSstringDeposit/Payment address
INVOICES_EXTobjectOptional, additional data related to payment
PAYMENTobjectOptional, payment related info
PAYMENT_TXIDstringPayment transaction hash
PAYMENT_AMOUNTfloatPaid amount in payment currency
PAYMENT_CCYstringPayment currency
PAYMENT_METHODstringMethod of deposit. For an up-to-date mapping of methods and their respective currencies see: [[[METHOD,[CURRENCY]]...]]
PAYMENT_CONFIRMATIONSintDeposit confirmation count
PAYMENT_CREATEDstringTime when the deposit was created (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format)
PAYMENT_UPDATEDstringTime when the deposit was last updated (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format)
PAYMENT_DEPOSIT_IDintOptional, deposit id linked to the payment, present when payment is done through wallet deposit
PAYMENT_LEDGER_IDintOptional, ledger entry linked to the payment, present when payment is realized through "Instant Payment"
PAYMENT_FORCE_COMPLETEDbooleanOptional, flag indicating that invoice is manually marked as completed
PAYMENT_AMOUNT_DIFFstringOptional, paid amount difference from deposited amount and expected amount in invoice
ADDITIONAL_PAYMENTSarray of objectsOptional, additional payments, applied when invoice has partial underpaid payments
ADDITIONAL_PAYMENTobjectAdditional payment entry, it's same structure as PAYMENT just without PAYMENT_FORCE_COMPLETED and PAYMENT_FORCE_COMPLETED
METADATAobjectOptional, invoice metadata
FLAGSarray of stringsOptional, flags related to invoice
RECALCULATED_ATintOptional, timestamp in milliseconds when invoice prices got recalculated

Ratelimit: 90 req/min