Allows you to request a withdrawal from one of your wallets.


Withdrawal methods

A full list of all withdrawal methods, including the different methods for tether withdrawals, can be found here: https://api-pub.bitfinex.com//v2/conf/pub:map:tx:method

Tether can be withdrawn using different networks. Different methods are used to specify which network should be used. The table below specifies which methods need to be used to use different networks.

Tether Methods

[CurrencyTransport ProtocolMethod]
USDTTether(USD) on Ethereumtetheruse
USDTTether(USD) on Trontetherusx
USDTTether(USD) on Liquidtetherusl
USDTTether(USD) on Omnitetheruso
USDTTether(USD) on Solanatetherusdtsol
USDTTether(USD) on Avalanche (C Chain)tetherusdtavax
USDTTether(USD) on Algorandtetherusdtalg
USDTTether(USD) on Polkadottetherusdtdot
USDTTether(USD) on Kusamatetherusdtksm
USDTTether(USD) on EOStetheruss
USDTTether(USD) on NEARtetherusdtnear
USDTTether(USD) on Polygontetherusdtply
USDTTether(USD) on BCHtetherusdtbch
EURTTether(EUR) on Ethereumtethereue
CNHTTether(CNH) on Ethereumtethercnhte
XAUTTether(XAU) on Ethereumtetherxaute
MXNTTether(MXN) on Ethereumtethermxnte

Response Fields

MTSintMillisecond Time Stamp of the update
TYPEstringPurpose of notification ('acc_wd-req' - account withdrawal request)
MESSAGE_IDintunique ID of the message
WITHDRAWAL_IDintUnique Withdrawal ID ("0" if the withdrawal was unsuccessful)
METHODstringMethod of withdrawal
PAYMENT_IDstringPayment ID (if relevant)
WALLETstringSending wallet
AMOUNTintAmount of the withdrawal
WITHDRAWAL_FEEintFee on withdrawal
CODEnull or integerWork in progress
STATUSstringStatus of the notification; it may vary over time (SUCCESS, ERROR, FAILURE, ...)
TEXTstringText of the notification