Transfer Between Wallets

Transfer funds between wallets. This endpoint can also be used to convert USDT to USDT0 for derivatives trading.

Response data

Index Field Type Description
[0] MTS int Seconds epoch timestamp of notification
[1] TYPE string Notification's type ("on-req")
[2] MESSAGE_ID int Unique notification's ID
[ . . . ]
[4] TRANSFER_ARRAY TRANSFER_ARRAY An array containing details of the transfer/conversion
[5] CODE int W.I.P. (work in progress)
[6] STATUS string Status of the notification; it may vary over time (SUCCESS, ERROR, FAILURE, ...)
[7] TEXT string Additional notification description

Transfer array (index [4])

Index Field Type Description
[0] MTS_UPDATED Int Millisecond Time Stamp of the update
[1] WALLET_FROM String Starting wallet
[2] WALLET_TO String Destination wallet
[ . . . ]
[4] CURRENCY String Currency
[5] CURRENCY_TO String Currency converted to
[ . . . ]
[7] AMOUNT Int Amount of Transfer


Derivatives Wallet

Note that the margin wallet, for Derivative symbols, is the derivatives wallet. If the destination is 'margin' and the currency_to is 'USTF0', the funds will end up in the derivatives wallet.