Transfer Between Wallets

Transfer funds between wallets. This endpoint can also be used to convert USDT to USDT0 for derivatives trading.

Response Fields

MTSintMillisecond Time Stamp of the update
TYPEstringPurpose of notification ('on-req', 'oc-req', 'uca', 'fon-req', 'foc-req')
MESSAGE_IDintunique ID of the message
MTS_UPDATEDintMillisecond Time Stamp when the transfer was created
WALLET_FROMstringStarting wallet
WALLET_TOstringDestination wallet
CURRENCY_TOstrCurrency converted to
AMOUNTintAmount of Transfer
CODEnull or integerWork in progress
STATUSstringStatus of the notification; it may vary over time (SUCCESS, ERROR, FAILURE, ...)
TEXTstringText of the notification


Derivatives Wallet

Note that the margin wallet, for Derivative symbols, is the derivatives wallet. If the destination is 'margin' and the currency_to is 'USTF0', the funds will end up in the derivatives wallet.