Retrieve your trades. Your most recent trades will be retrieved by default, but a timestamp can be used to retrieve time-specific data.

Response Fields

[0]IDintTrade database id
[1]SYMBOLstringSymbol (BTCUSD, …)
[2]MTSintExecution timestamp
[3]ORDER_IDintOrder id
[4]EXEC_AMOUNTfloatPositive means buy, negative means sell
[5]EXEC_PRICEfloatExecution price
[6]ORDER_TYPEstringOrder type
[7]ORDER_PRICEfloatOrder price
[8]MAKERint1 if true, -1 if false
[10]FEE_CURRENCYstringFee currency
[11]CIDintClient Order ID


Order type

For trades older than March 2020, the ORDER_TYPE field will not be set.

Rate Limit: 90 reqs/min (requests per minute)
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