Claim Position

The claim feature allows the use of funds you have in your Margin Wallet to settle a leveraged position as an exchange buy or sale. Claiming some or all of a position requires that you have enough partially realized P/L (you've reduced the position at a profit) and/or funds (BTC or USD) in your Margin Wallet (net of any outstanding financing charges) to satisfy some or all of the outstanding financing associated with your position.

Response Fields

MTSintMillisecond Time Stamp of the update
TYPEstringPurpose of notification ('on-req', 'oc-req', 'uca', 'fon-req', 'foc-req', 'pm-req')
MESSAGE_IDintunique ID of the message
SYMBOLstringPair (tBTCUSD, …).
±AMOUNTfloatSize of the position. Positive values means a long position, negative values means a short position.
BASE_PRICEfloatBase price of the position. (Average traded price of the previous orders of the position)
MARGIN_FUNDINGfloatThe amount of funding being used for this position.
MARGIN_FUNDING_TYPEint0 for daily, 1 for term.
POSITION_IDintposition identifier
MTS_CREATEtimeTimestamp of creation (millis)
MTS_UPDATEtimeTimestamp of last update (millis)
POS_TYPEintType of Position (0 for margin, 1 for deriv)
MIN_COLLATERALstrMin Collateral Required
METAstrMeta data about the position claim
CODEnull or integerWork in progress
STATUSstringStatus of the notification; it may vary over time (SUCCESS, ERROR, FAILURE, ...)
TEXTstringText of the notification


Position ID

Position ID retrievable via

Ratelimit: 90 req/min