Deposit Address

Retrieve your deposit address or generate a new deposit address for a specific currency and wallet.



For currencies that require a tag, memo, or payment ID, the endpoint will provide these. The deposit address cannot be retrieved through this endpoint, but you can find it on your deposit page on the website. The deposit address is always the same; the tag, memo, or payment ID is used to direct your deposit to the correct account and wallet.

Response Fields

MTSintMillisecond Time Stamp of the update
TYPEstringPurpose of notification ('acc_dep' for account deposit)
MESSAGE_IDintunique ID of the message
METHODstringMethod of deposit
CURRENCY_CODEstringCurrency code of new address
ADDRESSstringDeposit address (instead of the address, this field will show Tag/Memo/Payment_ID for currencies that require it)
POOL_ADDRESSstringPool address (for currencies that require a Tag/Memo/Payment_ID)
CODEnull or integerWork in progress
STATUSstringStatus of the notification; it may vary over time (SUCCESS, ERROR, FAILURE, ...)
TEXTstringText of the notification


Address Limit

Please note that you may generate up to 15 addresses in total per currency per month.

Ratelimit: 10 req/min