Retrieve Positions

Get active positions


SYMBOLstringPair (tBTCUSD, …).
±AMOUNTfloatSize of the position. A positive value indicates a long position; a negative value indicates a short position.
BASE_PRICEfloatBase price of the position. (Average traded price of the previous orders of the position)
FUNDINGfloatFunding amount
FUNDING_TYPEint0 for daily, 1 for term.
PLfloatProfit & Loss (Includes the maximum fee to close the position (0.2%))
PL_PERCfloatProfit & Loss Percentage
PRICE_LIQfloatLiquidation price
LEVERAGEfloatLeverage used for the position
POSITION_IDint64Position ID
MTS_CREATEintMillisecond timestamp of creation
MTS_UPDATEintMillisecond timestamp of update
TYPEintIdentifies the type of position, 0 = Margin position, 1 = Derivatives position
COLLATERALfloatThe amount of collateral applied to the open position
COLLATERAL_MINfloatThe minimum amount of collateral required for the position
METAjson stringAdditional meta information about the position

Ratelimit: 90 req/min