User Info

Retrieve an of important account data.

Response data

Index Field Type Description
[0]IDintAccount ID
[1]EMAILstringAccount Email
[2]USERNAMEstringAccount username
[3]MTS_ACCOUNT_CREATEintMillisecond timestamp of account creation
[4]VERIFIEDintIndicates if the user has a verified status (KYC) 1 = true, 0 = false
[5]VERIFICATION_LEVELintAccount verification level
[ . . . ]
[7]TIMEZONEstringAccount timezone setting
[8]LOCALEstringAccount locale setting
[9]COMPANYstringShows where the account is registered. Accounts registered at Bitfinex will show 'bitfinex' and accounts registered at eosfinex will show 'eosfinex'
[10]EMAIL_VERIFIEDint1 if true
[ . . . ]
[ . . . ]
[14]MTS_MASTER_ACCOUNT_CREATEintMillisecond timestamp of master account creation
[15]GROUP_IDintAccount group ID
[16]MASTER_ACCOUNT_IDintThe ID of the master account, If the account is a sub-account.
[17]INHERIT_MASTER_ACCOUNT_VERIFICATIONint1 if account inherits verification from master account
[18]IS_GROUP_MASTERint1 if account is a master account
[19]GROUP_WITHDRAW_ENABLEDint1 if enabled
[ . . . ]
[21]PPT_ENABLEDint1 if true (for paper trading accounts)
[22]MERCHANT_ENABLEDint1 if true (for merchant accounts)
[23]COMPETITION_ENABLEDint1 if true (for competition accounts)
[ . . . ]
[26]2FA_MODESarray of stringsArray of enabled 2FA modes ('u2f', 'otp')
[ . . . ]
[28]IS_SECURITIES_MASTERint1 if true (when the account has a securities sub-account)
[29]SECURITIES_ENABLEDint1 if true (for securities accounts)
[30]IS_SECURITIES_INVESTOR_ACCREDITEDint1 if true (when an account is accredited investor verified)
[31]IS_SECURITIES_EL_SALVADORint1 if true (if an account is verified for El Salvador securities)
[ . . . ]
[38]ALLOW_DISABLE_CTXSWITCHintAccount can disable context switching by master account into this account (1 if true)
[39]CTXSWITCH_DISABLEDintMaster account cannot context switch into this account (1 if true)
[ . . . ]
[44]TIME_LAST_LOGINstringDate and time of last login
[ . . . ]
[47]VERIFICATION_LEVEL_SUBMITTEDintLevel of highest verification application submitted from the account
[ . . . ]
[49]COMP_COUNTRIESarrayArray of country codes based on your verification data (residence and nationality)
[50]COMP_COUNTRIES_RESIDarrayArray of country codes based on your verification data (residence only)
[51]COMPL_ACCOUNT_TYPEstringType of verification ("individual" or "corporate")
[ . . . ]
[54]IS_MERCHANT_ENTERPRISEint1 if true (when account is enterprise merchant)

Ratelimit: 90 req/min