User Info

Retrieve the user ID, email, username and timezone setting for the account associated with the API key used.


IDintAccount ID
EMAILstringAccount Email
USERNAMEstringAccount username
MTS_ACCOUNT_CREATEintMillisecond timestamp of account creation
VERIFIEDintIndicates if the user has a verified status (KYC) 1 = true, 0 = false
VERIFICATION_LEVELintAccount verification level
TIMEZONEstringAccount timezone setting
LOCALEstringAccount locale setting
COMPANYstringShows where the account is registered. Accounts registered at Bitfinex will show 'bitfinex' and accounts registered at eosfinex will show 'eosfinex'
EMAIL_VERIFIEDint1 if true
MTS_MASTER_ACCOUNT_CREATEintMillisecond timestamp of master account creation
GROUP_IDintAccount group ID
MASTER_ACCOUNT_IDintThe ID of the master account, If the account is a sub-account.
INHERIT_MASTER_ACCOUNT_VERIFICATIONint1 if account inherits verification from master account
IS_GROUP_MASTERint1 if account is a master account
PPT_ENABLEDint1 if true (for paper trading accounts)
MERCHANT_ENABLEDint1 if true (for merchant accounts)
COMPETITION_ENABLEDint1 if true (for competition accounts)
2FA_MODESarray of stringsArray of enabled 2FA modes ('u2f', 'otp')
IS_SECURITIES_MASTERint1 if true (when the account has a securities sub-account)
SECURITIES_ENABLEDint1 if true (for securities accounts)
ALLOW_DISABLE_CTXSWITCHintAccount can disable context switching by master account into this account (1 if true)
CTXTSWITCH_DISABLEDintMaster account cannot context switch into this account (1 if true)
TIME_LAST_LOGINintDate and time of last login
VERIFICATION_LEVEL_SUBMITTEDintLevel of highest verification application submitted from the account
COMP_COUNTRIESarrayArray of country codes based on your verification data (residence and nationality)
COMPL_COUNTRIES_RESIDarrayArray of country codes based on your verification data (residence only)
COMPL_ACCOUNT_TYPEstringType of verification ("individual" or "corporate")
IS_MERCHANT_ENTERPRISEint1 if true (when account is enterprise merchant)

Ratelimit: 90 req/min