Merchant Settings Read

Reads merchant settings

Response Fields

SETTING_VALUEstring/int/nullSetting value, depends on setting type

Ratelimit: 90 req/min


Supported keys

  • bfx_pay_preferred_fiat - value: string, preferred fiat currency for calcs on dashboard UI
  • bfx_pay_recommend_store - value: 0|1, include your store in our Recomended Store Directory
  • bfx_pay_notify_payment_completed - value: 0|1, send dashboard notifications on completed invoice
  • bfx_pay_notify_payment_completed_email - value: 0|1, send email notifications on completed invoice
  • bfx_pay_notify_autoconvert_executed - value: 0|1, send dashboard notifications on successful currency conversion
  • bfx_pay_dust_balance_ui - value: float, balance limit in preferred fiat that will be considered dust and will be hidden in dashboard wallets page
  • bfx_pay_merchant_customer_support_url - value: string, overrides default customer support url (default is bitfinex customer support)
  • bfx_pay_merchant_fee - value: float, merchant master account fee, can be set only by master account and requires it to be enabled as feature by platform first
  • bfx_pay_merchant_underpaid_acceptance_enabled - value: 0|1, enables marking invoices as completed with paid amount difference up to threshold, can be set only by master account and is enabled only for specific POS invoices.
  • bfx_pay_merchant_underpaid_threshold - value: float, percentage of underpaid threshold, e.g. 0.01 (1%), if set by master account it affects all subaccounts, if set by subaccount it affects only subaccount