Funding Auto-renew

Activate or deactivate auto-renew. Allows you to specify the currency, amount, rate, and period.

Response Fields

MTSintMillisecond Time Stamp of the update
TYPEstringPurpose of notification ('on-req', 'oc-req', 'uca', 'fon-req', 'foc-req', 'fa-req')
MESSAGE_IDintunique ID of the message
CURRENCYstringCurrency (USD, …)
PERIODintPeriod in days
RATEfloatRate of the offer (percentage expressed as decimal number i.e. 1% = 0.01)
THRESHOLDfloatMax amount to be auto-renewed
CODEnull or integerWork in progress
STATUSstringStatus of the notification; it may vary over time (SUCCESS, ERROR, FAILURE, ...)
TEXTstringText of the notification

Ratelimit: 90 req/min