Funding Auto-renew

Activate or deactivate auto-renew. Allows you to specify the currency, amount, rate, and period.

Response array

Index Field Type Description
[0] MTS int Seconds epoch timestamp of notification
[1] TYPE string Notification's type ("fa-req")
[2] MESSAGE_ID int Unique notification's ID
[ . . . ]
[4] FUNDING_OFFER_ARRAY FUNDING_OFFER_ARRAY An array containing data for the funding offer
[5] CODE int W.I.P. (work in progress)
[6] STATUS string Status of the notification; it may vary over time (SUCCESS, ERROR, FAILURE, ...)
[7] TEXT string Additional notification description

Funding offer array (index 4)

Index Field Type Description
[0] CURRENCY String Currency (USD, …)
[1] PERIOD Int Period in days
[2] RATE Float Rate of the offer (percentage expressed as decimal number i.e. 1% = 0.01)
[3] THRESHOLD Float Max amount to be auto-renewed

Ratelimit: 90 req/min