Positions Audit

Return an audit of your positions. You latest positions will be retrieved by default, but ID's can be specified to retrieve an audit for specific positions.


SYMBOLstringPair (tBTCUSD, …).
±AMOUNTfloatSize of the position. Positive values means a long position, negative values means a short position.
BASE_PRICEfloatBase price of the position. (Average traded price of the previous orders of the position)
FUNDINGfloatFunding amount
FUNDING_TYPEint0 for daily, 1 for term.
POSITION_IDint64Position ID
MTS_CREATEintMillisecond timestamp of creation
MTS_UPDATEintMillisecond timestamp of update
TYPEintIdentifies the type of position: 'null' = Margin position, 1 = Derivatives position
COLLATERALfloatThe amount of collateral applied to the open position
COLLATERAL_MINfloatThe minimum amount of collateral required for the position
METAjson stringAdditional meta information about the position

Ratelimit: 90 req/min