The Candles endpoint provides OCHL (Open, Close, High, Low) and volume data for the specified funding currency or trading pair. The endpoint provides the last 100 candles by default, but a limit and a start and/or end timestamp can be specified.

Response Details

MTSintmillisecond time stamp
OPENfloatFirst execution during the time frame
CLOSEfloatLast execution during the time frame
HIGHfloatHighest execution during the time frame
LOWfloatLowest execution during the timeframe
VOLUMEfloatQuantity of symbol traded within the timeframe

Available Keys

tradeTrading Candles:TF :SYM_TRADINGtrade :1m :tBTCUSD
tradeFunding Candles:TF :SYM_FUNDING:pPERIODtrade :1m :fUSD :p30
tradeAggregate Funding Candles (AGGR=[10,30]):TF :SYM_FUNDING :aAGGR :pPER_START :p :PER_ENDtrade :1m :fUSD :a10 :p2 :p10 , trade :1m :fUSD :a10 :p11 :p20 , trade :1m :fUSD :a10 :p21 :p30 , trade :1m :fUSD :a30 :p2 :p30


Funding Candles

Be sure to specify a period or aggregated period when retrieving funding candles. If you wish to mimic the candles found in the UI, use the following setup to aggregate all funding candles: a30:p2:30



Specifying either 'hist' or 'last' is mandatory for all keys.

Ratelimit: 90 req/min

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