View your past ledger entries. Most recent entries are returned by default, but a timestamp can be used to retrieve time-specific data.

The endpoint returns data up to 6 years old.


Retrieve all ledgers

The currency param can be omitted to return a ledger including all currencies. The path for this call is 'v2/auth/r/ledgers/hist'.

Response data

[0...n]LEDGER_ENTRYLedger entryEach index contains one of the n current user's ledger entries.

Ledger entry arrays

Index Field Type Description
[0] ID int Ledger identifier
[1] CURRENCY string The symbol of the currency (e.g. "BTC")
[2] WALLET string (or null) Returns the relevant wallet for the ledger entry ('exchange', 'margin', 'funding', 'contribution')
[3] MTS int Timestamp in milliseconds
[ . . . ]
[5] AMOUNT float Amount changed
[6] BALANCE float Balance after change
[ . . . ]
[8] DESCRIPTION string Description of ledger transaction

Possible values for the 'category' filter

This table shows the possible values for the 'category' body param. The table shows the filter followed by the int value that should be entered in the 'category' param to activate the filter.

FilterInt ValueFilterInt ValueFilterInt Value
exchange5canceled withdrawal105withdrawal fee254
position modified, closed, or liquidated22trading fee201withdrawal express fee255
position claim23trading rebate202miner fee258
position transfer25hidden order fee204staking payment262
position swap26otc trade fee207adjustment401
position funding cost or interest charged27swap fee222expense501
margin / swap / interest payment28claiming fee224currency conversion / computation fee905
derivatives funding event29used margin funding charge226monthly profit payment907
settlement31unused margin funding fee228losses911
transfer51earned fee / affiliate rebate241
deposit101ETHFX loyalty fee243
withdrawal104deposit fee251

Ratelimit: 90 req/min