Funding Trades

Get funding trades for offered funding. Can be used to request funding trades for a specific currency or to retrieve trades for all currencies at once.

Response data

[0...n]FUNDING_TRADE_ARRAYFunding trade arrayEach index contains one of the n` current user's funding trades entries.

Funding trade arrays (Index [0...n])

Index Field Type Description
[0] ID Integer Funding trade ID
[1] CURRENCY String The currency of the offer (fUSD, etc)
[2] MTS_CREATE Int Millisecond Time Stamp when the offer was created
[3] OFFER_ID Int Funding offer ID
[4] AMOUNT Float Amount the offer is for
[5] RATE Float Rate of the offer (percentage expressed as decimal number i.e. 1% = 0.01)
[6] PERIOD Int Period of the offer
[ . . . ]

Ratelimit: 90 req/min