The Stats endpoint provides various statistics on a specified trading pair or funding currency. Use the available keys to specify which statistic you wish to retrieve.

Response Fields

[0]MTSintMillisecond epoch timestamp
[1]VALUEfloatTotal amount

Available keys and arguments

pos.size1mtBTCUSD, tLTCUSD, ...short, longpos.size:1m:tBTCUSD:short, pos.size:1m:tBTCUSD:long
funding.size1mfUSD, fETH, ...-funding.size:1m:fUSD
credits.size1mfUSD, fETH, ...-credits.size:1m:fUSD
credits.size.sym1mfUSD, fETH, ...tBTCUSD, tLTCUSD, ...credits.size.sym:1m:fUSD:tBTCUSD
vol.1d, vol.7d, vol.30d30mBFX-vol.1d:30m:BFX
vwap1dtBTCUSD, tLTCUSD, ...-vwap:1d:tBTCUSD

Available keys description

pos.sizeTotal longs/shorts in base currency (i.e. BTC for tBTCUSD)
funding.sizeTotal active funding in specified CCY
credits.sizeTotal funding used in positions in specified CCY
credits.size.symTotal funding used in positions on a specific pair in specified CCY
vol.1d, vol.7d, vol.30dTotal trading volume for specified time period (1d/7d/30d)
vwapVolume weighted average price for the day


Specifying either "hist" or "last" section is mandatory for all keys.

Rate Limit: 15 reqs/min (requests per minute)
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