Margin Info

Get account margin information (like P/L, Swaps, Margin Balance, Tradable Balance and others). Use different keys (base, SYMBOL, sym_all) to retrieve different kinds of data.


SYMBOLstringPair (tBTCUSD, tBTCUST, ...) - (key: 'SYMBOL')
USER_PLfloatUser Profit and Loss - (key: 'base')
USER_SWAPSfloatAmount of swaps a user has - (key: 'base')
MARGIN_BALANCEfloatBalance in your margin funding account - (key: 'base')
MARGIN_NETfloatBalance after P&L is accounted for - (key: 'base')
MARGIN_MINfloatMinimum required margin - (key: 'base')
TRADABLE_BALANCEfloatYour buying power (how large a position you can obtain) - (key: 'SYMBOL' or 'sym_all')
GROSS_BALANCEfloatYour buying power including funds already reserved for open positions - (key: 'SYMBOL' or 'sym_all')
BUYfloatMaximum amount you can buy at current best ASK - (key: 'SYMBOL' or 'sym_all')
SELLfloatMaximum amount you can sell at current best BID - (key: 'SYMBOL' or 'sym_all')

Ratelimit: 90 req/min


Limited to Margin Trading

The v2 Margin Info endpoint is limited to margin trading and does not provide information related to derivatives trading.