Fetch currency and symbol site configuration data.

A variety of types of config data can be fetched by constructing a path with an Action, Object, and conditionally a Detail value.

Multiple sets of parameters may be passed, in a single request, to fetch multiple parts of the sites currency and symbol configuration data.

Path parameters and constructing a valid config request path
A valid config request path is built up from 1 to 3 path parameters, an Action value, an Object value, and a Detail value.

Use the information below to configure your request parameters and retrieve a variety of different configurations.

  1. Request Prefix
    Every request must start with a pub: prefix, e.g. pub:map:currency:sym

  2. Action Parameter
    Pick the high level action you would like to perform:

🔽valid action valuesnotescomplete request
mapMap symbols to related details-
listFetch a list currencies, pairs, or leaderboard competitions-
infoFetch detailed information about pairs or transactions-
feesFetch the derivatives fees configuration. Does not require an Object or Detail parameterpub:fees
  1. Object Parameter
    Pick the object you would like to receive.
    An action will only accept certain object values.
    Refer to the table to see what objects can be used with what actions:
🔽action valueobject == currencyobject == pairobject == txobject == competitions

Next, determine if a Detail parameter needs to be supplied alongside the selected action and object type:

🔽action & object value (request)is a detail parameter value requirednotescomplete request
map:currencySelect a Detail value from the table below to use this request-
map:txThe only detail for tx is 'method' and will map all currencies to the appropriate withdrawal method for API withdrawalspub:map:tx:method
list:currency-Fetches a list of all currencies available on the platform:pub:list:currency
list:pairSelect a Detail value from the table below to use this request-
list:competitions-Fetches a list of leaderboard competitions-
info:pair-Fetches an array of market information for each currency (WIP)pub:info:pair
info:txThe only detail for info:tx is 'status' and it shows the status of our wallets for deposits and withdrawals (Active = 1, Maintenance = 0)pub:info:tx:status

If no Detail value is required then step 3 can be skipped.

  1. Detail Parameter
    Pick the detail that will be contained in the object.
    An object will only accept certain detail values.
    Refer to the table to see what details can be used with what objects:
🔽detail valueobject == currencyobject == pairnotescomplete request
exchange-Fetches a list of valid exchange trading pairspub:list:pair:exchange
margin-Fetches a list of valid margin trading pairspub:list:pair:margin
futures-Fetches a list of valid derivative trading pairspub:list:pair:futures
sym-Maps symbols to their API symbols (e.g. BAB -> BCH)pub:map:currency:sym
label-Maps symbols to their verbose friendly names (e.g. BNT -> Bancor)pub:map:currency:label
unit-Maps symbols to unit of measure (where applicable)pub:map:currency:unit
undl-Maps derivatives symbols to their underlying currencypub:map:currency:undl
pool-Maps symbols to underlying network/protocol they operate onpub:map:currency:pool
explorer-Maps symbols to their recognised block explorer URLspub:map:currency:explorer

Requesting multiple configurations
Instead of performing a request for each configuration item, it is possible to fetch multiple configurations in a single request.

Simply append each request into a single string.
Comma separate each request, without any spaces.

Example of a multi-request that will fetch both margin and exchange trading pairs:

Response structure
All valid permutations and their responses are available for viewing from the code snippet above.

Ratelimit: 90 req/min

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