Pulse History

Allows you to retrieve your private pulse history or the public pulse history with an additional UID_LIKED field.

Response data

[0...n]PULSE_POST_ARRAYPulse post arrayEach index contains one of the n` entries in the pulse history

Pulse post arrays (Index [0...n])

Index Field Type Description
[0]PIDStringPulse Message ID
[1]MTSIntMillisecond timestamp
[2]PARENT_IDStringParent pulse ID (if comment)
[3]PUIDStringPulse User ID
[ . . . ]
[5]TITLEStringTitle of the pulse message
[6]CONTENTStringContent of the pulse message
[7]POLL_DATAObjectObject with poll data
[ . . . ]
[9]IS_PINInt1 if the message is pinned, 0 if it is not pinned
[10]IS_PUBLICInt1 if the message is public, 0 if it is not public
[11]COMMENTS_DISABLEDInt1 if comments are disabled, 0 if comments are enabled
[12]TAGSArray of stringsTags used in the message
[13]ATTACHMENTSArray of stringsAttachments used in the message
[14]METAArray of objectsShows data for included charts. Values are in percentage and add up to 100. wlt_comp = Wallet Composition chart, acc_exposure = Portfolio Exposure Chart
[15]LIKESIntNumber of likes
[16]UID_LIKEDInt1 if you liked the post, 0 if you did not like the post / true or false
[ . . . ]
[18]USER_INFO_OUTERArrayArray containing only the USER_INFO_ARRAY
[18][0] USER_INFO_ARRAYUser info arrayContains data on the Pulse user
[19]COMMENTSIntNumber of comments
[20]IS_BOOKMAREDBooleanIf the post is bookmarked
[21]UID_LIKEDBooleanTrue if the current user liked the post
[22]VIEWS_TOTALIntNumber of views
[23]VIEWS_UNIQUEIntNumber of unique views
[ . . . ]

User info array (Index [18][0])

Index Field Type Description
[0]PUIDStringPulse User ID
[1]MTSIntMillisecond timestamp of registration
[ . . . ]
[3]NICKNAMEStringPulse user nickname
[4]DISPLAY_NAMEStringPulse display name
[5]PICTUREStringPulse user profile picture
[6]TEXTStringPulse user bio
[7]ADMIN_STATUSNull or 1Returns 1 for users with admin status
[8]TWITTER_HANDLEStringShows the user's Twitter handle (if available)
[ . . . ]
[11]FOLLOWERSIntNumber of followers
[12]FOLLOWINGIntNumber of users followed by this user
[ . . . ]
[16]TIPPING_STATUSIntTipping status (0 for disabled, 1 for enabled, if applicable)

Ratelimit: 90 req/min