Pulse Write

Allows you to write Pulse messages


  • Title and Content should be strings (no HTML content allowed).
  • Content field can be formatted using markdown.
  • Images can be added to the body using the base64 format.

Response Fields

PIDstringPulse Message ID
MTSintMillisecond timestamp
PUIDstringPulse User ID
TITLEstringTitle of the pulse message
CONTENTstringContent of the pulse message
IS_PINint1 if the message is pinned, 0 if it is not pinned
IS_PUBLICint1 if the message is public, 0 if it is not public
COMMENTS_DISABLEDint1 if comments are disabled, 0 if comments are enabled
TAGSarray of stringsTags used in the message
ATTACHMENTSarray of stringsAttachments used in the message
LIKESintNumber of likes
UID_LIKEDintFlag to show if the private user liked the pulse

Ratelimit: 15 req/min