Derivatives Status History

Endpoint used to receive different types of historical platform information - currently supports derivatives pair status only.

Stream Fields

MTSintMillisecond timestamp
DERIV_PRICEfloatDerivative book mid price.
SPOT_PRICEfloatBook mid price of the underlying Bitfinex spot trading pair
INSURANCE_FUND_BALANCEfloatThe balance available to the liquidation engine to absorb losses.
NEXT_FUNDING_EVT_TIMESTAMP_MSintMillisecond timestamp of next funding event
NEXT_FUNDING_ACCRUEDfloatCurrent accrued funding for next 8h period
NEXT_FUNDING_STEPintIncremental accrual counter
CURRENT_FUNDINGfloatFunding applied in the current 8h period
MARK_PRICEfloatPrice based on the BFX Composite Index
OPEN_INTERESTfloatTotal number of outstanding derivative contracts
CLAMP_MINfloatRange in the average spread that does not require a funding payment
CLAMP_MAXfloatFunding payment cap

Ratelimit: 90 req/min

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