The Stats endpoint provides various statistics on a specified trading pair or funding currency. Use the available keys to specify which statistic you wish to retrieve. Please note that the "Side" path param is only required for the pos.size key.

Response Details

[0]MTSintmillisecond timestamp
[1]VALUEfloatTotal amount

Available Keys

pos.sizeTotal Open Position (long / short) (size: "1m" only):1m :SYM_TRADING :SIDEpos.size:1m:tBTCUSD:long , pos.size:1m:tBTCUSD:short
funding.sizeTotal Active Funding (size: "1m" only):1m :SYM_FUNDINGfunding.size:1m:fUSD
credits.sizeActive Funding used in positions (size: "1m" only):1m :SYM_FUNDINGcredits.size:1m:fUSD
credits.size.symActive Funding used in positions per trading symbol (size: "1m" only):1m :SYM_FUNDING :SYM_TRADINGcredits.size.sym:1m:fUSD:tBTCUSD
vol.1d / vol.7d / vol.30d1d/7d/30d volume updates (size: "30m" only):30m:BFXvol.1d:30m:BFX/hist or vol.1d:30m:BFX
vwapVolume weighted average price (size: "1d" only, updates current day value every 3 min):1d:SYM_TRADINGvwap:1d:tBTCUSD/hist


Specifying either 'hist' or 'last' is mandatory for all keys.

Ratelimit: 90 req/min

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