Abbreviation Glossary

Abbreviation Glossary

Below you can find all the message types that the API will send

bubalance update
psposition snapshot
pnnew position
puposition update
pcposition close
wswallet snapshot
wuwallet update
osorder snapshot
onnew order
on-reqnew order request
ouorder update
ocorder cancel / fully executed (no longer active)
oc-reqorder cancel request
oc_multi-reqmultiple orders cancel request
tetrade executed
tutrade execution update
ftefunding trade execution
ftufunding trade update
hoshistorical order snapshot
mismargin information snapshot
miumargin information update
fosfunding offer snapshot
fonfunding offer new
foufunding offer update
focfunding offer cancel / fully executed (no longer active)
hfoshistorical funding offer snapshot
fcsfunding credits snapshot
fcnfunding credits new
fcufunding credits update
fccfunding credits close
hfcshistorical funding credits snapshot
flsfunding loan snapshot
flnfunding loan new
flufunding loan update
flcfunding loan close
hflshistorical funding loan snapshot
hftshistorical funding trade snapshot
uacuser custom price alert

Error/Info Codes

ERR_UNK10000Unknown error
ERR_GENERIC10001Generic error
ERR_CONCURRENCY10008Concurrency error
ERR_PARAMS10020Request parameters error
ERR_CONF_FAIL10050Configuration setup failed
ERR_AUTH_FAIL10100Failed authentication
ERR_AUTH_PAYLOAD10111Error in authentication request payload
ERR_AUTH_SIG10112Error in authentication request signature
ERR_AUTH_HMAC10113Error in authentication request encryption
ERR_AUTH_NONCE10114Error in authentication request nonce
ERR_UNAUTH_FAIL10200Error in un-authentication request
ERR_SUB_FAIL10300Failed channel subscription
ERR_SUB_MULTI10301Failed channel subscription: already subscribed
ERR_SUB_UNK10302Failed channel subscription: unknown channel
ERR_SUB_LIMIT10305Failed channel subscription: reached limit of open channels
ERR_UNSUB_FAIL10400Failed channel un-subscription: channel not found
ERR_UNSUB_NOT10401Failed channel un-subscription: not subscribed
ERR_READY11000Not ready, try again later
EVT_STOP20051Websocket server stopping... please reconnect later
EVT_RESYNC_START20060Websocket server resyncing... please reconnect later
EVT_RESYNC_STOP20061Websocket server resync complete. please reconnect
EVT_INFO5000Info message

Order Status

ACTIVEOrder is currently active (in the order book and unfilled)
EXECUTEDOrder executed successfully
CANCELEDOrder canceled
FORCED EXECUTEDSystem order to force position liquidation
PARTIALLY FILLEDOrder could not be filled in its entirety. The executed amount value will show how much of the order was filled. The remainder of the order may be active, or if you are retrieving the order status from the order history endpoint the remainder may have been canceled.
EXECUTED @ xxxx was ACTIVE (note:POSCLOSE)This order closed an open position using the 'Close' (x) button or the API close position flag.
INSUFFICIENT BALANCE (G1)“Generic” - Sufficient balance was available when placing the order, but due to market slippage, the order is now worth more than the tradable balance. The order was filled for the maximum affordable amount and the remainder was canceled.
INSUFFICIENT BALANCE (U1)Order canceled due to any of the following 5 reasons: Not enough tradable balance; No funding available; Funding over 0.75%; Market order max buy; Reduce Only
POSTONLY CANCELEDThe Post-Only Limit order was canceled because it would have matched an offer/bid in the order book.
FILLORKILL CANCELEDThe Fill or Kill order was canceled (killed) as it could not be filled in its entirety.
IOC CANCELEDHappens when an Immediate or Cancel order is canceled.
RSN_POS_REDUCE_INCROrder canceled because the ‘Reduce Only’ option was selected. With this option selected, the order will only be executed when it reduces the size of an existing position. The order was canceled because it would have increased a position.
RSN_POS_REDUCE_FLIPOrder canceled as the ‘Reduce Only’ option was selected. With this option selected, the order will only be executed when it reduces the size of a position. The order was canceled because it would have flipped the position (from a short to a long or vice versa).
RSN_POS_NOTFOUNDThis happens when using the reduce-only option without an active position.
RSN_DUST was: ACTIVE (note: POSCLOSE)Dust Amount Position Closed using the Close button (with a market order).
RSN_PAUSEOrder canceled during moments of pause in the order book. (This is usually for AMPL orders that are placed during the rebase period).
RSN_BOOK_SLIP was: PARTIALLY FILLED @ xxxxThis happens an order would move the market too significantly. The order is partially executed and the remainder is canceled to avoid further slippage.