The Bitfinex API’s are designed to allow access to all of the features of the Bitfinex platform. The end goal is to allow people to potentially recreate the entire platform on their own.

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Open Source Libraries

The following open source projects are works in progress. We will be continually improving them, but we want to release them early so that the community can take a look, make use of them, and offer pull requests. Nothing in the Bitcoin world exists in isolation.

Get Started    

Public Endpoints

// All examples assume the following:
// 1. You already have the request object available
// 2. You have the url variable
// 3. Will use BTCUSD as the default symbol
var request = require('request')
var url = ""
// request
request.get(url + "Endpoint\address",
  function(error, response, body) {
tick = client.<method_name>
// request


All Public Endpoints use GET requests

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Public Endpoints

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